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"My fields of expertise include widefield imaging techniques for both life science and industrial applications, as well as specialized projects for government agencies."

Kevin Ryan formed Microscopy Solutions LLC in 2017 after retiring as Senior Partner/Owner of W. Nuhsbaum Inc. As an owner of a successful and growing business,  he was able to focus and drive results to meet short term financial goals within his territory while maintaining long term growth targets for the business. Kevin's primary sales responsibility during his 32-year tenure included the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University, and NASA Glenn Research Center. He now lives and works from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


In 2019, Microscopy Solutions LLC became an authorized LEICA Microsystems and Prior Scientific distributor to better help its clients with their microscopy and imaging needs.

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Kevin L. Ryan


Please contact me at or by cell 508.680.3741.

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